EZ Homemade Dog Food

EZ Homemade Dog Food

First, Let’s Take a Look at Commercial Dog Food

It has only been in the last century or so that we have started to adhere to the idea that dogs can’t have a quality life without eating commercial dog food. In fact, most feel that we have no choice but to¬† feed our dogs the “quality” canned or packaged food we buy at the store. Most agree that it is unhealthy to provide our dogs scraps from our own home-cooked meals. However, dogs have actually lived off of table scraps and leftovers for thousands of years. Because of that, their digestive systems have adjusted to that type of diet.

Conscientious dog owners are actually starting to become concerned about the risks of preservatives and additives found in most commercial canned and dry “kibble” dog foods. Nobody would ever consider feeding their families food from a can or processed fast foods for each and every meal, every day for their entire life. So why do we do that for our beloved pets?

Veterinarians are actually crediting many modern day animal wellness issues to these processed diets coming from packaged dog foods. Yes, there are a few pet food producers who do offer good, quality meals for your animals. However, most commercial dog food manufacturers are satisfied with serving up poor quality meals that are made up of things you certainly wouldn’t think of eating yourself.

What Are the Leading Causes of Death in Dogs?

The three leading causes of death in dogs are cancer, heart disease, and kidney disease

The chemicals and preservatives used in many commercial dog foods are known to cause cancers. These same “cancer causing” chemicals and preservatives have been banished from use in human foods because of these known problems… but they continue to be used in dog food.

The high proportions of cheap, unhealthy fats found in many commercial dog foods cause arteriosclerosis and arterial blockages resulting in death by heart attack. Additionally, the lack of more expensive omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA) also causes canine heart failure because without omega-3, ventricular arrhythmias occur and can result in sudden death.

An 11-year study of acute renal failure in dogs concluded that 45% of cases are caused by toxins and 35% by infectious disease. And this is unbelievable… in the US from April to May, 2007, over 2,200 dogs died in a 3-week period from poisonous toxins found in the commercial dog foods they were eating… 2,200!

Nutritionally inadequate diets also lead to defective adrenal glands that are unable to manufacture adequate cortisol, a hormone vital for health and resistance to infectious disease.

Prepared Meals Aren’t Natural

Here is another fact… there are no animals on earth that normally eat a diet of prepared meals. That just doesn’t happen in nature.That is why a lot of homemade dog food recipes request raw food. They are veterinarian approved for “human grade” meals. In addition, most dog food recipes are simple to follow and prepare. Dogs, like us, like variety — which is why they are delighted with homemade dog food recipes.

Natural, homemade dog food meals need to have some fat and oil, and they need to be trimmed back in sugar. You might also substitute the processed sugar in a recipe with a little honey or molasses.

In addition to the benefits achieved by feeding your dog a diet that is full of protein rich nutrients, you know exactly what you are feeding your pet.

Truth in Labeling… Not Really

What do you think about this little nugget of information… did you know that the pet food industry can modify up to 15% of their pet food recipes without needing to change the labels on their bags? Most of the time the active ingredients of a dog food bag has 4 to 5 different kinds of one type of the grains mentioned on the label. This might appear harmless to you, yet it really isn’t.

When commercial pet food companies refer to their active ingredients as corn or wheat instead of mentioning them individually as corn grits, whole corn, corn middlings, corn bran, or corn gluten meal… the different sorts of corn elements totaled can be a greater portion than the meat active components. While this is legally permitted, there are many who object that the practice is misleading.

What Now?

So now that you have learned that providing your pet a healthy, homemade meal is not only simple for you and far better for them, you can start experimenting with preparing dog food recipes for your dog. After all, since you would absolutely not provide processed foods like these to your children, why are you asking your dog to on live them?

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