Dog Food and Nutrition

Nutrition is just one of the all important problems that has to be taken care of when considering the wellness of your dog. If you want your dog to live a long, active, and happy life, free from the typical wellness complications connected with modern-day dog foods, then you should daily be feeding your dog home-made dog food.

What Nutrients Does Your Dog Need?

Like people, dogs require a balanced diet¬† consisting of the proper nutrients for continued development and tissue repair. Any deficiency of these nutrients in a dog’s diet can easily trigger stunted development, slow healing after injury, and a abbreviated life expectancy compared with dogs who are receiving the best possible nutrition.

Proteins are one of the most crucial nutrients in a dog’s diet. They’re needed for all parts of growth and development, and are crucial in structural make up and the immune system. Plus, proteins are burned as calories and can easily be converted to, and kept, as fat.

Although the intake of fat is generally looked upon badly in the human diet globe, it is a crucial nutritional demand in a dog’s diet.

Fats are really concentrated forms of energy. Fat is additionally required for regular renal processes, and to help your dog keep a healthy coat and healthy skin. In addition to proteins and fats, carbohydrates are needed in a dog’s diet also. Given that dogs are typically active, they need a good source of carbs that could easily be used for energy.

Quality Ingredients Ensure Digestion

Pet owners are misled into thinking that commercial dog food companies are offering the very best nutrients for dogs in their particular brand of food. The listing of the protein level on bags of dog food is not a listing of the percent of digestible protein. The digestibility in quality meals is between 70 and 80 percent. In lesser-quality foods, the digestibility might drop to 60 percent or less. Chicken byproduct or other meat byproducts, which are just what lots of dog foods are made with, meet nutrition requirements, but are not high in quality.

Meat and bone meal, which are also used in dog food, are also poorer qualities of meat, anf for that reason, they are less digestible.

If grains are detailed on the ingredients label, they are bad digestible sources of protein as well. They are simply contributing towards the carbohydrate bunch.

The Big Dog Food Conspiracy

Documented clinical analysis has revealed our dogs will certainly most likely NOT reach half the prospective canine life-span.

Question:¬† “If this is true … then why haven’t we heard about it?”

Answer: “Because billion dollar companies have actually invested 100’s of millions to train us into accepting the early death of our dogs as being entirely normal.”

AND they have succeeded!

As an example, did you recognize 50 % of dogs will develop cancer ?!

And just what about the many more with renal disease, liver dysfunction, thyroid condition, pancreatitis, epilepsy, auto-immune condition and more.

Doesn’t it appear odd we accept that as normal?

When attempts are made by experts to expose the industry, big-business (that is, the commercial dog food industry) actively pressures
media groups to reduce the criticisms.

The Moral of the Story …

Don’t be tricked into thinking what the TV & additional media tell you about commercial dog meals being every thing your dog needs because its totally untrue.

The truth is, commercial dog food is cutting your animal’s life short … period.

By feeding your dog a healthy, home-made meal, you are able to very carefully supervise the nutrients you are giving your dog. Plus, you can properly provide them the right portion size for their breed. In addition, you can guide your pet away from things like preservatives, ingredients, and synthetic flavoring.

Home-made dog food recipes call for healthy foods like bananas, honey, peanut butter, vegetables, apples, and pumpkins– plus nourishing meats such as fresh beef, chicken, turkey, and fish.

Why do pet owners choose to take the time and effort to provide healthy home-made dog food for their pet?

Some choose to provide their dogs home-made meals because their dogs have been diagnosed with a health condition and need an unique diet. Some dogs compete in dog training shows, and others merely understand that the manufacturer’s dog food is nothing more than processed, low-quality meals sprayed with fat to make it more tasty for dogs.

Take some time and study the dog food recipes information on this website. Make the informed decision and do what is best for your beloved pet.

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