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What Is The Healthiest Kind of Dog Food?

Would you like to serve your dog natural, fresh dog food that you prepare from your own home made dog food recipes? Home made dog meals are the best and healthiest choice for the dogs that we care so much for. As dog owners recognize the truth about what commercial dog food suppliers are offering, they are not surprised to discover that packaged dog meals might be the reason of many dog ailments.

Cancer Causing Chemicals

There are some troubling facts that pet owners must be mindful of when it comes to commercial dog food. Ethoxyquin is a carcinogenic, cancer causing chemical that is routinely utilized as a preservative in store bought dog food. Even when it is not stated as an ingredient on the packaging, it might still be in there.

Pet food companies also add fats for their foods to make them more appealing to dogs. If the manufacturer happens to purchase “fats” from a business that uses ethoxyquin as a preservative, they don’t need to list it on the ingredients label. The explanation they provide for not needing to detail this chemical (which is perfectly legal) is that “they” do not include the ethoxyquin to the fat in the bag… therefore they are under no legal obligation to tell you.

In addition, propylene glycol is an additive that is used as a binder in many commercial dog foods and treats currently on the market. It was recently exposed that propylene glycol causes cancer in cats, so its use was discontinued in cat foods and treats. However, it is still added to dog meals and treats, which is entirely legal.

Know Exactly What Your Dog Is Eating

When you make your own home made dog food, you have the advantage that you know exactly what is put into the meal recipes that you’re dishing up. You are also able to effectively monitor the portion sizes, proteins, fats, and carbs that your dog is eating.

Numerous healthy foods like bananas, honey, peanut butter, veggies, apples, and pumpkins can all be found in home made dog food recipes. Recipes also contain fresh meats like beef, chicken, turkey, Fish, such as tuna and halibut can also be included.

Table Scraps Are A Big No-No

Don’t just give your dog table scraps, though. For instance, at the dog park the other day, a friend of mine encountered a nice lady who told him about a recipe of hers… and she said her dog loved it. He was shocked to hear it because it contained a vegetable dangerous to dogs… onions. There were about 5 other dog owners in our conversation and not one of them batted an eyelid.

So he asked “You guys know that’s a dangerous recipe, right?” But no one answered “Yes”.

So I’m passing this onto you now because there are a lot of left-overs that make it into dog dishes every day. NEVER, EVER give your dog onions because they contains a chemical which causes dog blood cells to swell and burst! Too much and your pet becomes anemic… more, and its deadly.

Yes the harmless onion it not so harmless to dogs. When you follow a recipe to make a meal, it keeps harmful foods out of your dog’s diet.

Other Foods Harmful To Your Dog

Many people don’t recognize that avocados are harmful to dogs. They contain a chemical compound called “persin “that has been known to cause vomiting and even loose stools in dogs. Other foods that are hazardous to dogs include citrus oil, chocolate, caffeine, grapes or raisins, and yeast dough.

More Reasons For DIY Dog Food

There are many other reasons for feeding your dog a healthy home made diet. Some dogs are diagnosed with health conditions that call for a specialized diet, making home made meals the ideal option. Maybe your dog is allergic to commercial dog food brands, or unable to completely digest them.

But for many, the choice to feed their dogs fresh, home made dog food is made when they understand that exposing their dog to chemicals such as humectants, preservatives, and artificial flavoring located in commercial dog foods presents a wellness danger to their faithful companion.


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